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PINZHENG High Quality Display INCELL LCD OLED OEM AMOLED For iPhone XS MAX X XR 11 12 13 MINI PRO PROMAX Screen Replacement

PINZHENG High Quality Display INCELL LCD OLED OEM AMOLED For iPhone XS MAX X XR 11 12 13 MINI PRO PROMAX Screen Replacement

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Brand Name: PINZHENG

Origin: Mainland China

Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Screen

Display Resolution: 1920x1080

Material: OLED

Model Number: INCELL OLED OEM For iPhone X XR XS XsMAX 11 12 13 mini Pro Max Promax

Compatible Brand: APPLE

Type: LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer

LCD Kit: Yes

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Screen: > 3"

Warning 1: Be sure to disconnect the battery power plug when replacing the screen

Warning 2: Please do not fully fasten your phone during testing.

With 3D touch: All models

Shipping time: All packages are shipped within 24 hours.

Regarding transportation time:: The official shipping method on AliExpress is usually the fastest international small package transportation method.

Packing List:INCELL: screen-1 waterproof ashesive-1 tools kit-1

Packing List:OLED: retail packaging-1 screen-1 waterproof ashesive-1 tempered glass-1 tools kit-1

Packing List:OEM: retail packaging-1 screen-1 waterproof ashesive-1 phone case-1 tempered glass-1 tools kit-1

Warranty 1: Within 10 years, the screen is damaged by non-human factors, and we promise to send a new screen for free.

Warranty 2: If there is a problem with the product, please provide a picture with a dust-proof film.

Regarding installation 1: Please contact customer service directly to request an installation video.

Regarding installation 2: We recommend non professionals to go to a repair shop for installation, especially for the first time. (It is very difficult to disassemble the screen)

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Warning 1:Be sure to disconnect the battery power plug when replacing the screen

Warning 2:Please do not fully fasten your phone during testing.

How to identify from appearance for INCELL and OLED(china) and OLED(AMOLED) and OEM.
Thickness of mobile phone screen after installation:
INCELL>Original Thickness.(thicker 0.3mm)

OLED(china)(X,XS,XR,XSMAX,11,11Pro,11ProMax) >Original Thickness.(thicker 0.15mm)

OLED(AMOLED)(12,13,14 series)=Original Thickness.

OEM=Original Thickness.

The width of the black border on the side of the phone screen:
The width of the black border at the bottom of the phone screen:

Maximum Brightness:  INCELL:720-750 OLED(china):780-810 OLED(AMOLED):800-830 OEM(Original):820-850

If there are repair buyers and wholesale buyers who need to identify different types of screens through technology and display effects, please contact customer service directly. We will explain all relevant technical issues to you. (Due to the technical composition of the PINZHENG factory's products, it is not possible to fully disclose them)



Advantages: the price is very favorable, the quality is stable.

Disadvantages: Small brightness and resolution, large color difference, high power consumption, can meet daily use.


Advantages: The price is cheap, with slightly lower resolution and brightness compared to the original device, and the cost-effectiveness is very high.

Disadvantages: The display effect is worse than the original one, and there is a color difference on the black interface.


Advantages: brightness and resolution close to the original, the quality is very good. There is no color difference.

Disadvantages: The price is expensive.


Advantages: All are original materials. with the original quality is the same.

Disadvantages: The price is very expensive, and the assembly and quality inspection process is slightly lower than the original requirements.

About 3D Touch: 
All models:All products have this feature

About TRUE TONE and Auto Brightness:
Method 1: Transplant IC chips
All models can be ported with IC chips to achieve True Tone function and automatic brightness adjustment.
Method 2: Copy the IC chip code
X-XR-XS-XSMAX: IC-chip no encryption system, 100% probability, it can achieve True Tone function and automatic brightness adjustment by copying the IC chip code.
11-11pro-11promax-12-12pro-12pro-12promax-12mini: The IC chip has an independent encryption system, and there is a 50% chance that the True Tone function and automatic brightness adjustment can be achieved by successfully copying the IC chip code, and if the copy is unsuccessful, the IC chip can only be transplanted.
13 series and later models: there is a two-layer encryption system, and True Tone and automatic brightness adjustment can only be achieved by porting the IC chip.

Due to system encryption issues, if the handset cable has been replaced, but the handset sensor chip has not been transplanted at the same time, the above functions cannot be realized.
(incell: does not support chip transplantation, OLED/OEM: supports chip transplantation)

Regarding after-sales service:
Within 10 years, the screen is damaged by non-human factors, and we promise to send a new screen for free.

Regarding receiving defective products:

International distance transportation carries certain risks, and the screen is fragile. Although we are constantly optimizing the packaging, it is still unavoidable. I hope all consumers can understand. We will compensate for your losses through high-quality after-sales work.

Regarding installation:

Please contact customer service directly to request an installation video. We recommend non professionals to go to a repair shop for installation, especially for the first time. (It is very difficult to disassemble the screen)

Regarding evaluation: 
We hope buyers who receive good products can give us a five-star rating. We offer gifts or discount coupons as gifts. If you receive defective products, please contact customer service directly, and we will provide the highest quality after-sales service.

Packing List:
INCELL:screen×1 waterproof ashesive×1 tools kit×1
OLED(china):packaging×1 screen×1 waterproof ashesive×1 tempered glass×1 tools kit×1
OLED(AMOLED): packaging×1 screen×1 waterproof ashesive×1 phone case×1 tempered glass×1 tools kit×1

OEM:packaging×1 screen×1 waterproof ashesive×1 phone case×1 tempered glass×1 tools kit×1

In order to test the protective effect of different packaging on the product, we will randomly send two different types of packaging. After testing the results, we will choose a better packaging.

Please test the screen before the complete installation. Please do not tear off the dust-proof film on the back during the test. If there is a problem with the product, please provide a picture with a dust-proof film.



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